Elder Law

Elder Law

Leading the Way in Special needs and The Elder Law

We have been working in the area of Elder Law before the term “Elder Law” was coined, giving us unparalleled expertise. Our attorneys provide a full range of services, from Estate Planning, Probate Administration to Litigation and Business Law. Our firm helps preserve family assets in the most difficult of elder law cases. Whatever comes up, we have handled it before.

PAK and UAE Lawyers are the first law firm in the entire Pakistan & United Arab Emirates to specialize in elder law, a large, all—encompassing term that includes Medicaid planning, nursing home and assisted living issues, Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning, Conservatorship, Guardianship, Powers of Attorney and more. Our attorneys, in conjunction with our network of Counsellors, Social Workers and Health Care Resources, pride themselves in their ability to handle every eventuality, all the while preserving the assets of our clients.

We are very involved in issues confronting Senior Citizens, using our spare time to speak out against Medicaid Estate Recovery and serve as Special Olympics.

Though our reputation is rapidly growing, we will never lose sight of what got us to this point. It’s not only expertise and hard work; it’s also the personal touch that we commit to every case. The Attorneys of our firm know that settling people’s affairs is only part of their job. This job is also about helping people feel comfortable with the process. Nothing less would be acceptable. When you become our client, your family becomes our family.

While we have Attorneys working in Elder Law, the lawyers of our firm also have other specialized interests in minority—owned businesses and mortgage lending as well as a Skilled Litigators for over 21 years with special expertise in contested Probate Proceedings.

We are dedicated to helping people deal with every aspect of elder law. Our Attorneys have worked for years to educate people about the truth concerning senior citizens’ legal situations, dispelling the many myths that plague this area of the law. There is a terrible gap between what the law actually is and what people believe the law to be. Misunderstanding runs rampant in this area. Most people do not take the time to consult a specialist in this area. Instead, they listen to their friends and believe that all hope is lost. Nothing can be further from the truth. People can pay for their care by proper planning. They can be rich and spend their money; be poor and go on Medicaid; be insured and look at long—term care / stay at home insurance; or plan and put their house in order.

This area of the law is not glamorous and highly publicized and therefore a lot of attorneys do not practice in this area. However, it is a very important area of the law because with appropriate planning we can save hundreds of thousands of Rupees of our clients — even if a loved one is already in a nursing home.

With our Attorneys’ deeply rooted compassion and understanding, our firm makes confronting even the most difficult issues as easy and comforting as possible.

Just a few of the more important areas we can help you with are:
• Estate Planning, Trusts, Wills
• Medicaid Planning, Nursing Home Planning
• Incapacity Planning, Powers of Attorney, Patient Advocates, Living Wills

Medicaid Planning, Nursing Home Planning: It is not necessary to drain your bank account or spend all your assets to put someone in a nursing home or plan for Medicaid. Without a good lawyer on your side, it is often difficult to sort through the truth, the many complexities and the myths about long—term care.

Many people believe in the old notion that to protect their assets, they need to give away assets to family members at least three years before entering a nursing home. While this may be a good idea for some, it is not for everybody. First, there is no guarantee that the nursing home is the best option. Second, if gifting is done improperly, it may cause you to lose Medicaid benefits you might otherwise be entitled to. Gifting your assets without the assistance of an experienced Elder Law attorney is foolish and usually substantially limits your choice and quality of care.

Elder Law can help you determine the best way to protect and enjoy your assets while preparing you for whatever the future holds. Even if a loved one has already encountered a disability and is facing difficult decisions today, it is usually not too late to plan and protect your assets.

Our Attorneys can resolve any issue arising from nursing homes, from elder abuse to “bed wars.” If you are a senior citizen, or are simply concerned about your aging father, mother, grandfather or grandmother, know that you can trust us.

Incapacity Planning, Powers of Attorney: Even if you or your loved one is not currently incapacitated, it is vital that such provisions be set up before the worst occurs. While it is always unpleasant to plan for incapacity through illness or an untimely passing, it is absolutely necessary. Our Attorneys are here for you and your family; we deal with all sorts of end-of-life decisions, including health care powers of attorney, durable powers of attorney, conservator-ships, guardianship’s, and more.

Estate Planning, Trusts, Wills: Like any good Estate Planning Lawyer, we can help you establish a will, living trust, durable Power of Attorney, Living Will, Special Spousal Annuity Trust, etc.

However, whenever, wherever & for forever we can also save your Money through many creative strategies available through the law, including gifting a portion of the Estate, a special Community Spousal Estate Plan by planning for the unthinkable (when the well spouse passes first) or converting real estate to rental property to preserve the assets from the nursing home.