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The Nation’s leading Forensic Psychology, Science Centered Jury Research, Trial Graphics, Litigation / Persuasion Technology Consulting and Forensic Animators @ Law Firm.

Sophisticated Corporate Clients, as well as Government Agencies; Animators at Law has helped generate favorable decisions in cases having staff consists of Attorneys, Experts in Trial Graphic Design, Animation, Interactive Development and experienced Project Managers have worked at a major law firm. The design team at Animators specializes in the art of information design and trial graphics.

Not just another “new media” firm, Animators at Law was founded by attorneys to serve the legal community in a way no other firm has in the past. By combining attorney management, traditional artists and new media artists under one roof, we create an unmatched talent pool perfectly suited to major law firms and corporations. Put simply, we know the law, and we know how to make complex and boring information interesting and understandable for a judge, jury or the general public. We are the experts in trial graphics.

“Structured Foundation For Innocences” An Equal Opportunity Defenders Accredited MINDS Optimizing BRAINS Studying Attitudes & Mapping Violence.

The Post-Conviction process is in place to protect Innocent individuals from inherent human error in the Criminal Justice System.

Integrated State-of-The Forensics Psycholegal Principles Attorney-Client Privilege Administration Board of Criminal Justice, Disciplinary and Malpractice Wing That Wins Statutory Draft Code of Practice to Empower Digital Natives.

We tried virtually every kind of lawsuit, from complex commercial cases to white collar defense. With our success in courts around the country, we have expanded our Practice Forensic Advocacy. Our experienced Trial Lawyers in Karachi are ready to work with you on Cases Nationwide.

Strategic Solutions in Clinical & Digital Forensics Psychometric Profiling in Legal framework within Criminal & Civil Cases Evaluations, An Equivocal Forensic Analysis Crime from a Scientific Perspective, Professionals in many fields from Law Enforcement to Nursing, Integration of materials from many sub-disciplines including Criminalistics, Victimology, Crime Reconstruction, Produce Succinct & Coherent Reports are submitted on time & comply with the forensic law during the course of an Investigation & Argumentation, Deposition / Preserve of Vital Physical & Potentially hazardous Forensic Evidences For Trial’s and Experts Conveying Results with easily understood in Courtrooms / Boardrooms / Screening Rooms Eyewitness Testimony and Graphics.

Mental Health Tribunal Caseworkers!!
We are well-established and well-regarded niche firm located in pleasant offices in the busy market town of Block-6, PECHS. We specialise in Mental Health, Mental Capacity and Community Care Law with special reference to Advise, Assist & Represent Clients for:
>> Continuing Healthcare appeals;
>> Mental Health Tribunals and Associated Mental Health Law Work);
>> Court of Protection Matters (Financial, Welfare and Health-related);

Forensics Civil & Criminal Prosecuting Attorneys reviewing Police Reports & Performing Research. We may meet with Witnesses or Victims and use gathered information in Court to present the Case.

In-Field Crime Scene Investigators is growing strongly within the World of Law Enforcement who collects, secures and preserves the physical evidence at crime scenes so critical to ensuring justice is served.

“We don’t seem to want to work with dirty Crime Sciences. The organic takes you to a much finer spatial scale of Resolution”. You’ll never know what you never knew. Don’t make that mistake because sometimes doing your best is not good enough; sometimes you must do what is required. “He who does not expect the unexpected will not detect it”- Contact us today!!!

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