Services Portfolio

We are the leading Real Estate Professionals to market logistics facilities, Warehouses, Distribution amenities, Fulfillment centers to stands @ the center of constantly changing system and Parks including Sale / Purchase Consultancy to handle the buying and selling of existing Vessels in the secondary market or new Ships i.e. called new buildings in industry parlance and Partners for Shipping Lines Resilience (Helping Business Bounce Back in Tough Times).

Sale / Purchase Residential, Commercial & Industrial Legal Documentation / Registration

Valuations, Inspections & Appraisals

Architectural & Planning Engineers

Design Execution & Construction Management

Technical & Title Convincing Testimonial Evidences

Contract Drafting & Negotiation

Clearance of Title Deeds

Lease Preparation & Review

Tax Net Management

Seller & Buyer Representation

Search Certificate

Breach of Commercial Lease

Financial Elder Abuse

Arbitration Attorney-Client Privileges

Business & Estate Succession

Trusts & Estates Planning

Relinquishment Deeds

 Deceased Estate Administration

Partnership Disputes

Surrender Transfer

Insurance & Closing Services


Wills / Heirship

Fiduciary Litigation

Merger & Acquisitions Divestitures

Joint Ventures Integration (Pricing, Tax, Regulatory & Liabilities)

Drafting Scheme of Arrangements

Due Diligence

Probate Administration

Family Deeds / Transfers / Exchanges

Trials & Experts Courtrooms Witness Testimony

Direct Hardcore Cross-Examination

We are Cumis Counsels too who are “an attorneys employed by defendants in a lawsuits when there is a liabilities insurance policies supposedly covering the claims, but there is a conflict of interests b/w the insurance companies and the insured defendants.”

PAK and UAE Lawyers advice to ensure extension of special assistance and due care extended maximum assistance and priority to Senior Citizens disabled and handicapped persons in using their Real Estate Property needs as far as possible in meeting their genuine requirements too in order to alleviate their hardship.

We are exclusively dealing typical clients include! Lenders, Developers, Governments, Landowners & Public Sector Bodies, Property Investments & Pension Funds Companies, Private Equity Houses and Corporate on a wide range of transactions, involving anything from Offices to Greenfield and Retail Developments, Infrastructure Projects and the Management of Shopping Malls.

The work itself focuses on buying, selling, developing and letting land. This touches on a range of other legal disciplines, including planning, environmental, construction, litigation and tax law. Property may also be a key component to other projects, including mergers and acquisitions, property finance and commercial projects. It operates across most sectors: investment, corporate, banking, insolvency, education, hotel’s, health, transport, agriculture, charities and private wealth.

Being a Commercial Property Lawyers we can act too for anyone from small investors with single-site operations to large shopping centres, industrial parks and large hotel chains; indeed, one of the most memorable matters dealt with was the sale and subsequent refurbishment of a Motel.