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Shipping (Wet & Dry) and Freight Logistics Lawyers, including Collisions, Salvage, Fire & Explosion, Total loss both Civil and Criminal Pollution liabilities, Marine Insurance coverage & other Shipping-related Commercial & Contractual alternative forms of Disputes with special reference to Cross-border Fraud, Banking & International Trade Attorneys, Criminological Disorders Interventionists, Marine & Cargo Surveyors, Subsea Well & Deepsea Structure Inspectors, Marine Minerals Geologists, Mining Engineers, Legislative Drafters, Real Estate Professionals to market logistics facilities, warehouses, distribution centers & parks including Sale / Purchase Consultancy to handle the buying and selling of existing Vessels in the secondary market or new Ships i.e. called new buildings in industry parlance and Partners for Shipping Lines Resilience’s (Helping Business Bounce Back in Tough Times).